Forensic News Goes on Indefinite Hiatus

It is time for a change of pace!

I have loved the last six years of my professional life as a journalist. When I started writing as a 21-year-old at UC Irvine, I couldn’t have imagined that my journalism career would cover so much ground.

My work kept Russian billionaires on their toes, exposed foreign efforts to interfere in U.S. elections, and uncovered multiple examples of financial crime and espionage. And with every article, I brought hard evidence. I’m proud of my work with Forensic News, and before that, as an independent journalist.

Now, it is time for something else. I have accepted a full-time position as an analyst at a research organization.

I’m looking forward to utilizing my skills in a fresh way and living a little bit more of a private life. Forensic News will be indefinitely dormant as I start this new journey.

Thank you, all, for supporting my work over the years.

With gratitude and appreciation,
Scott Stedman